Student Health Maintenance - Preparing for Back to School
  • Make sure If you child is turning 11-12 they get a Tdap Booster, and immunization record is brought in at registration
  • Make sure if your child is entering kindergarten or Pre-K they are up to date with 4-6yr old Immunizations, and bring a copy at registration
  • Parents have 30 days from beginning of registration to provide proof of immunization or child will be unable to attend school until provided
  • Make sure you make school and nurse aware of any health conditions your child has (asthma, allergies, chronic illness, etc.)
  • If your child takes daily medication and they need to be administered at school, you will need to provide medication and sign a consent for nurse to administer medication
  • If your child requires “as needed” medication or emergency medication you will need to provide the medication and sign a consent for nurse to administer medication
  • If your child is going to participate in sports, a physical needs to be done and turned into school nurse, the physical needs to be done no sooner than May 2019 and before entry into athletic activity
  • If your child has a fever over 100.0 degrees F, or is actively vomiting, having diarrhea, or has any other contagious infection such as: pink eye, impetigo, flu, strep, etc. they will need to be picked up and stay home until on abx for 24 hours, no fever without use of medication, or no symptoms persist.
  • Dental exams will be done annually and mailed to guardian
  • Vision exams will be done on pre-k and K students and mailed to guardian.
  • Home school coordinator can provide transportation home on an availability basis.
  • Please make sure all addresses and phone numbers are up to date, so nurse can reach you in case of emergency.
  • If your child requires a special diet, a dietary needs form needs to be filled out and signed by your child’s pediatrician.
  • Please pay attention throughout the year to notes from nurse to parent that are sent home in backpack.
  • Medications cannot be sent with students and kept in backpacks, with the exception of inhalers that have been approved by parent and a consent has been signed.
  • If your child has been sick please call to let nurse know if any follow up is needed.
  • Nurse hours are 7:50-3:50
  • Please inform Nurse if your child requires a specific health plan and bring a copy of the health plan.
  • If you have health questions Please call the nurse at 856-9333

Thank You!

Brenda E. McIntyre, RN

Arapahoe School Nurse