Title I Notice

Fremont County School District #38

Notice: Public School Choice and/or Supplemental Educational Services

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Our school, FCSD #38, receives Title I program funding under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. All schools that receive Title I funds must show that students are improving in their test scores on statewide assessments. This is called making "Adequate Yearly Progress", or AYP. If a school does not make Adequate Yearly Progress for three consecutive years, parents/guardians must be notified. A consequence of schools not making AYP is to offer "Choice", meaning that the student may choose to attend another school in the district that has made AYP. According to federal regulations within the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of2001, parents/guardians have the right to request that their child be transferred to another school if their current school has been identified for improvement, corrective action or restructuring. However, the ability of the district to transfer your child to another school currently does not exist for the following reason: There are no other elementary, middle or high schools in the district.

As an alternative to transferring to another school, the following programs are available for your child during the time FCSD #38 is identified for improvement, corrective action or restructuring:
Additional academic support provided by school district personnel
Summer school or other extended day school programs
The school district must make available additional help for eligible students upon parent/guardian request. This additional academic help or tutoring is called "Supplemental Educational Services" (SES). Your child may be eligible for supplemental services. These services will be provided before or after school at no cost to you. The organizations that provide this extra help are called "providers". FCSD #38 has a list of providers that have been approved by the state and a copy of the list can be attained by visiting the FCSD #38 Administration or by logging on to the school website https://arapahoeschools.com.

A program in addition to the SES services, which WDE makes available for student benefit, is the Bridges program. School Districts such as FCSD #38 utilize Bridges program funds for the provision of intervention and remediation programs to students beyond the required student-teacher contact hours. Relative to this program, intervention strategies used by instructors shall be challenging, relevant, match the student’s needs and learning style, engage the learner, and be dynamic, changing as a student responds to a specific strategy. Remedial instruction shall be tailored to the individual needs of each student with the goal of mastering identified deficiencies to improve the knowledge, competency, and skill of the student. Remedial instruction focuses on areas specifically targeted for each student, incorporating various and multiple effective education strategies and is diagnostic, prescriptive and intensive. The Bridges program is currently available and can meet the student’s need of intervention and/or remediation.

FCSD #38 encourages you to contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding this notice or your child's eligibility to participate. You may call Roy Brown, Superintendent at (307) 856-9333. The following is a list of approved WDE SES Providers.

WDE Supplemental Educational Service (SES) Providers

123 Math and Reading
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Rahul Aggarwal
Address: 8721 Santa Monica Blvd #1445
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: (800) 634-3803
Fax: (425) 696-0254
E-Mail: 123MathReading@gmail.com

Alpine Learning Services DBA Tutoring Club
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Katrina Cox
Address: 502 South 3rd
Laramie, WY 82070
Phone: (307) 745-6284
Fax: (307) 745-3822
E-Mail: laramiewy@tutoringclub.com
Web Address: www.tutoringclub.com

Arrowhead Tutors, Inc.
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Maida Sauseda
Address: 220 N. Larkin Ave. Suite 100
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: (815) 272-2605
Fax: (815) 768-3989
E-Mail: manager@ahtutors.com
Web Address: www.arrowheadtutors.com

ATS Project Success
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Renee Weaver-Wright
Address: 20674 Hall Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038
Phone: (800) 297-2119
Fax: (586) 465-9481
E-Mail: info@atsprojectsuccessworks.com
Web Address: www.atsprojectsuccessworks.com

Education Futures Corp
Service Area: Laramie #1, Natrona #1, Campbell #1, Albany #1, Carbon #1, Fremont #1, Fremont #14, Fremont #21, Fremont #38, Converse #1, Goshen #1, and Sweetwater #1
Contact Name: Karlton L. Roberts
Address: 2600 Philmont Avenue, Suite 311
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Phone: (215) 938-8899
Fax: (800) 339.2618
E-Mail: wyoming@educationfuturescorp.com
Web Address: www.educationfuturescorp.com

Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Shailendra Chainani
Address: 4 Huntting Drive
Dumont, NJ 07628
Phone: (201) 706-7872 x 27
E-Mail: ses@eduwizards.com
Web Address: www.eduwizards.com

Digital Network Group (dba Kinetic Potential Scholars)
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Jim Smith III
Address: 1801 McCormick Dr, Suite 350
Largo, MD 20774
Phone: (301) 883-8256
Fax: (301) 772-8940
E-Mail: ses@kpscholars.com
Web Address: www.kpscholars.com

Learn-It Systems, LLC
Service Area: Albany #1, Carbon #1, Converse #1; Freemont #1; Freemont #14; Freemont #21; Freemont #38; Goshen #1; Laramie #1; Natrona #1 and Sweetwater #1
Contact Name: Stephanie Suerth
Address: 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Ste 330
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: (410) 369-0000 Fax: (410) 369-0137
E-Mail: suerth@learnitsystems.com
Web Address: www.learnitsystems.com

One on One Learning
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Chad Brammer
Address: 8900 SW 117 Ave, C103
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: (305) 273-8999 Fax: (305) 273-8993
E-Mail: cbrammer@oneononelearning.com
Web Address: www.oneononelearning.com

Step to Success Community Learning Center, Inc.
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Diane Kulback
Address: 18632 Pony Express Dr. 201
Parker CO 80134
Phone: (303) 805-0773 Fax: (303) 805-7700
E-Mail: diane@steptosuccesstutoring.com
Web Address: www.steptosuccesstutoring.com

Third Day Christian Ministries (dba Laureate Learning Center)
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Dr. Carla B. Jones
Address: 2064 Ridgedale Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone: (888) 719-5445 x 1 Fax: (678) 805-4743
E-Mail: laureate_learning@yahoo.com
Web Address: www.laureatelearningcenter.com

Tutorial Services
Service Area: All Wyoming Public School Districts
Contact Name: Jeannie Schultz
Address: 166 S. Industrial Drive
Saline, MI 48176
Phone: (734) 470-6387 Fax: (734) 470-6402
E-Mail: jschultz@tutorialservices.org
Web Address: www.tutorialservices.org

Title I Reports

State and local school district report cards are critical tools for promoting accountability for schools, local school districts, and States by publicizing data about student performance and program effectiveness for parents, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Report cards help parents and the general public see where schools and districts are succeeding and where there is still work to do. A well-informed public is an important resource in the school and district improvement process.

In the same way that data enable educators to make better decisions about teaching and learning, data can also help parents and other community members work more effectively with educators and local school officials to promote school change. Additionally, the more parents and community members know about the academic achievement of their children and their schools, the more likely they are to be involved in their local schools and the public school system. Equipped with information on academic results and teacher quality, parents and community members can make better decisions and choices. For these reasons, States and LEAs receiving Title I funds must prepare and disseminate annual report cards. Please see the following link for our district and State report cards.